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Creator of Leadership Academy Online

Founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company supporting leaders and teams through disruptive change 

What you can expect

Hi, I'm Jude Jennison, Founder of the Leadership Academy Online.

I'm the founder of Leaders by Nature, a leadership and team development company, and author of three books: 

  • Opus: the Hidden Dynamics of Team Performance 
  • Leading Through Uncertainty
  • Leadership Beyond Measure

I believe work should be life-enhancing for all and that business can solve all of the world’s problems.

It starts with leaders and teams having the skills to work in harmony with themselves and each other so they can collaborate together to do great things.

I’ve led teams for over three decades, in the UK, Europe and worldwide. As a former senior leader in IBM, I led a budget of $1billion and reduced it by 25% over two years.

I’m fascinated by what makes work easy and why working in a team can be a source of both joy and frustration.

I’ve learned the most about leadership from working experientially with a herd of horses who reveal your default patterns of non-verbal (often unconscious) behaviour. You can find out more about my work with horses at www.judejennison.com

This online leadership academy includes monthly webinars, white papers and reports and online courses. It distils much of the learning of the last three decades into bite-sized learning that you can apply in 10-15 minutes a day.

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